Event Management Services Offered

Selection of Event Site - Finding the ideal venue for your event

Technical - Making arrangements for specialized equipment and personnel such as Staging, lighting, audio, video, rigging, pyrotechnics

Infrastructure - Managing the rental and setup of Power distribution services, trailers, tents, port-a-potties, fencing

Entertainment - Contacting, hiring and scheduling Speakers, musicians, comedians, performers (theatre, dance, acrobatic)

Budgeting - Maximizing value while minimizing expenditures

Licensing and Permits - Obtaining permits and licensing for things such as Liquor Sales, General and Special Event Permits, etc.

Logistics - Overseeing the planning and organization of an entire event

Security - Hiring and assignment of security staff and other necessary security measures

Décor - Coordinating appropriate furniture, backdrop and other atmospheric effects

Catering - Finding the best suited Menu and Caterer for your event

Set-up - Managing stage and technical setup and venue layout

On-site Management - Ensuring proper setup of every detail of the event such as signs, name tags, food and beverage setups

Stage Management - Overlooking the smooth execution of stage activities such as show scheduling, introductions and other personnel duties

Technical Director - Managing Stage crews, equipment and saftey

Tear-down - Arranging the complete disassembly of the stage and equipment and cleanup of the venue